It can be the difference between living paycheck to paycheck or providing enough to take care of your family and helping someone else’s. Education can determine where you live, your career, your influence on society and if you are able to meet your basic needs. This cycle can sometimes last for generations. Education can help propel you forward while the lack of education leaves you feeling like you’re moving backwards or standing still.

If you have a desire to help impact the lives of students who want to go to college but need a hand up, you can make a difference with our Build Your Own Scholarship Program. BYOS is the simplest, most efficient way to “reach back” and help point a student in the right direction by sponsoring a scholarship.


Here's How Easy It Is

Step 1: Register Your Scholarship

Set up an account. Name your scholarship. Set a goal. Just like that, you’ve built your own scholarship & started the process for changing lives! You’ll receive a secure link to your scholarship fundraising page and tools for helping spread the word.

Step 2: spread the word

We advertise your scholarship to schools & give students the opportunity to apply. We encourage you to also share your scholarship with your friends & family through text, email, & social media. The more you share, the more people you touch & the faster you’ll reach your goal.

Step 3: celebrate

At the end of (month/year) we will announce all of our scholarship winners and provide you with information about the student that received your scholarship. You get to see how your contribution made an impact and celebrate another life changed!


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